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It's been a long time coming, but we've finally reached the release of Skybrawl Season 2! Detailed below are the rewards for this season, and what we've changed and added.


+ Being raided brings your island score down by 15.
+ Raiding another island now brings your island score up by 15. There is a 3 hour cooldown between score changes for each island, meaning if an island was raided within the past 3 hours, you can still raid it again, but your score will not change and neither will theirs.
+ Upon entering an island, you will be sent a message with the island name and last time their core was broken/raided.
+ /is top is now listed by score rather than date created.
+ There is now a raid counter in /is info + You can now see the info of another island using /is info <name>
+ As requested, the cost of the upgrade has been added in the confirmation message when upgrading your island.
+ Spawners! Every island has a spawner limit, which increases depending on your island upgrade level.
+ Boss fights. When ranking up, you will now have to fight a boss to continue.
+ Mystery boxes! You can now find lucky boxes while mining.
+ Many more, smaller changes.

Rewards (top islands):
1st Place: $35 Skybrawl Store Credit
2nd Place: 1 Sky Crate Key (applicable to next season)
3rd Place: 2 Legendary Crate Keys (applicable to next season)

Start your adventure:
Season 1 of Skybrawl has officially started today (05/25/2020). We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our initial beta testing. If you come across bugs, please continue to report them to us. We really appreciate it.

What does the reset mean?
Your island, along with balance, tokens, inventory, etc. will be reset. Any players who actively participated in the early testing phases WILL be compensated for their time, please contact a staff member for more info.

Will ranks be kept?
Yes, of course any donor ranks or ranks received from crates will stay. If there's an issue with your rank, please contact us.

Season 1 Payouts
For the first official season, we will not be offering payouts of real currency. Instead, we will be offering in-game rewards that can be applied to the next season and a top prize of a store voucher. The season ends once an island reaches the maximum level (100), or one month from the start of the season (06/25/2020).

  • First Place: $35 Skybrawl Store Voucher
  • Second Place: Sky Crate Key (for use in Season 2)
  • Third Place: Legendary Crate Key (for use in Season 2)

How to achieve first, second, and third place:

First place goes to the owner of the top island - can be split with members.
Second place goes to the the player with the highest prestige at the end of the season.
Third place goes to the player with the highest balance at the end of the season.

Payouts will be changing in season 2, with a revamp of our island ranking system to make it more balanced and competitive.

We will continue to make updates during Season 1 to improve your experience. Join us at!

Skybrawl has officially been released in BETA-1. It's been a long time coming, and we're all super excited about the release.

If you're new, here's a brief description of the server.
We're introducing a brand new game to the Minecraft community. Skybrawl is a combination of the three most widely-loved gamemodes that exist to date; Skyblock, Factions, and Prison. We've combined them in a way that allows the player to experience the feel of each one, not by simply adding prison mines to a skyblock server. Raid other player's islands, upgrade your own, rankup, and so much more.

Bugs & Issues
We've fixed a lot of the issues that have occurred so far. However, as we're still in beta, bugs are to be expected. If you come across any, please let us know and we'll fix them ASAP. Rewards are applicable. Along with this, over the next month you'll likely see expansions and updates. With these, come potential bugs. Please bare with us as we try to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Season 1 & Payouts
As of now, the island ranking system isn't working as intended. We're fixing it as fast as we can, however for now it's disabled. Payouts are still being discussed, however at the moment the only payout available is a $25 voucher for our store, going to the top island (assuming we are able to get it working fast enough). Rewards will increase as we expand.

Stay Connected
Stay connected with the community by joining our discord! We'll be announcing updates, bug fixes, etc. on there first! Join here: